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Name: trussell

Resisting Tyranny at Billesley Manor

Resisting Tyranny at Billesley Manor The Trussel family was never afraid to challenge the power of the crown. A Trussell stood among the barons who forced King John to sign the Magna Carta and curtail his own power in 1215.

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Billesley Manor

Stratford-upon-Avon | England Billesley Manor Hotel and Spa A Luxurious Retreat ABOUT  |  HISTORY  |  Rooms |  Facilities  |  Booking  |  Contact Originally Built In705 Associated Family NamesTrussell, Whalley, Sherlock, More information Number of Rooms71 Famous GuestsShakespeare Type of ArchitectureElizabethan LocationStratford-upon-Avon,

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