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Storied Collection—an exclusive brand offering privately hired estates across the United Kingdom and Ireland, preserving their rich histories and legacies. A membership provides quintessential historic accommodations a globally recognized soft brand; enhancing marketing power, providing the education and support, and allowing its members to remain independent.

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Storied Collection was launched by former travel executives Justin Hauge, Michael Goldin, and Rob Paterson with help from seasoned hospitality veterans from Ritz Carlton, Hilton and Design Hotels rounding out the Advisory Team.

Justin Hauge


Starting his career in travel as Airbnb's 13th hire, Justin built and led customer experience and sales teams throughout Airbnb's ascension for over 10 years, gaining key insights into the emerging trends in the industry. Justin also invests in the next tech unicorns in hospitality tech and web3 via his angel fund Inkwell Ventures.

Michael Goldin


Michael has 7+ years of experience in the hospitality industry as the former director of business development for Rented.com and NoiseAware. He is a 2x Phocuswright 35 under 35 leader, a host of Good Morning Hospitality, a top 25 Hospitality podcast globally.

Eilidh Bennett

Head of Property Relations

Eilidh previously had a lengthy career in the fashion industry, working with global brands such as Lululemon, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Elle Magazine, and was based in several major markets between the US and the UK. She then moved into the hospitality sector where she worked with a short-term rental and property investment company and was responsible for their global partnerships before joining Storied Collection as Head of Property Relations.

Angela Jimenez

Partnerships Manager

Angela earned a B.A. in History from UT Austin and an M.A. in Historic and Sustainable Architecture from NYU in London. She currently serves as a commissioner for her city’s Historic Landmarks Commission in Texas. Her career has led her to work in several museums and as a preservation specialist, making her a dedicated advocate for historic architecture worldwide.

Claire Potter


Claire Potter is a writer and researcher who graduated summa cum laude from the University of Chicago where she studied History and Literature. She is also a journalist who has written about environmental issues in New England, Chicago, and Mexico City.

Rob Paterson

Advisory Board

Rob is an energetic and innovative speaker and business leader with over 25 years of experience in the Hotel industry and startup organizations. Rob was CEO of Best Western UK until mid-2021 when he stepped away from full-time hospitality to follow his interest in speaking and writing. Rob is also the author of The Flip n Go CEO, due for release in September 2022.

Michael Ros

Advisory Board

Michael Ros is a serial-entrepreneur and was co-founder of the world's first membership-based travel community and booking platform Bidroom. The company was a manifestation of Michael's passions for technology, travel, and hospitality. He has been a keynote speaker in more than 50 conferences globally, is a startup advisor, and a hospitality expert.

Founding Story

Michael and his wife were searching for a much needed vacation as covid rules across the world began to subside. They dreamed of staying in a beautiful castle, but the search was rather difficult and the historic properties were particularly hard to find. After hours and hours of research, Michael finally found the perfect property… a property where his family lineage could actually be traced! The decision to book that property was a no brainer. This experiential feeling at the interaction of exploration and history lead him to find co-founders with deep and rich experience (40+ years) in travel and hospitality to start Storied, a collection of the most richly historic and enjoyable places to stay in the world.


Our mission is to build the finest historic castle and estate hotel collection while empowering our members through community. Storied will also enable our guests access to the most unique stays and experiences, leaving lasting memories and a deeper knowledge of history.