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If Walls Could Talk

by Claire Potter

An Irish Dynasty at Dunskey Castle

An Irish Dynasty at Dunskey Castle Robert Fitzgerald landed on the shores of Scotland without family, friends, or money. He was the banished son of a powerful, Norman family in Ireland, but he broke the sacred laws of chivalric hierarchy

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A Shining Life Cut Short: Prentenstions to Royalty at Thornbury Castle

Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, was born with his father’s reputation for treason hanging over him; when the Tudors came to power, his family regained favor with the monarchy, though Buckingham was seen as dangerous due to his partial royal blood. Buckingham was known to be wealthy, and hosted extravagant parties; he was granted a license to fortify his manor at Thornbury Castle, and began building there in 1511. The castle was designed with crossbow loopholes and gun ports, in the style of a Medieval fortress, and he had planned to include four towers, but he was not able to complete it due to his untimely death. Buckingham and his wife lived in luxurious apartments overlooking an ornamental garden.

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Gilmerton: Finding Mercy for the Victims of Mental Illness

Sir Archibold Gordon Kinloch was the son of a Scottish baronet and joined the military at age 20. He served the British empire with distinction, but was sent to the West Indies where he contracted a fatal fever, later named St. Lucia Fever. After recovering, Gordon returned to Scotland and was not the same as before. He had become sullen, irascible and jealous and his intelligence had declined. Dr. William Farquharson attended to him to help his recovery.

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Between Reason and Passion at Cally House

John Murray, Scottish landowner and Member of Parliament, commissioned Joshua Reynolds to paint his portrait in a fashionable style. To build his home, Cally House, Murray worked with an architect who he met on a Grand Tour of Italy and designed it in the classical style with granite pillars to evoke the Parthenon.

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Resisting Tyranny at Billesley Manor

Resisting Tyranny at Billesley Manor The Trussel family was never afraid to challenge the power of the crown. A Trussell stood among the barons who forced King John to sign the Magna Carta and curtail his own power in 1215.

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Remembering Shelley at Elcot Park

Remembering Shelley at Elcot Park At Elcot Park, the Shelley family cherished the memory of a brilliant mind and tragic life. Lady Elizabeth bought the Retreat at Elcot Park in 1844. Her son, the Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, drowned

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A Royal Visit at Great Fosters

A Royal Visit at Great Fosters Elizabeth I’s 1598 crest adorns the entryway of Great Fosters and likely marks the year when the queen visited. In the summer, she and her court toured the English countryside for months at a

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