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Corporate Events

Inspire your staff with your next company offsite!

Storied Collection’s properties are the ideal location for corporate events, offsites, and executive meetings.

The Atmosphere is Inspiring
A sense of grandeur and history can inspire creativity and innovation. A sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself helps break down mental barriers and encourages staff to think outside the box.

Privacy and Seclusion
Planning for the future is important. If your company requires confidentiality to discuss future plans, there is no better setting than in a remote, countryside castle or manor house.

Activities and Amenities
Nature walks as short as 20 minutes are proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Horseback riding, falconry, or clay shooting can bring out the adventurous side. 

Dining with a private chef creates memories that garner loyalty and long lasting memories. Inquire today and we can help organize a retreat like no other.

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