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Nestled in the calming countryside of Aberdeenshire and tucked away by two hundred acres of gorgeous landscaped grounds, Cluny Castle is a truly majestic, secluded, and mesmerizing venue. 

Aberdeenshire | Scotland

Cluny Castle

A much loved family home

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Originally Built In

Associated Family Names
Gordon, Douglas, Stewart, Urquhart, Leslie

Notable Visitors
Cluny Castle has hosted King Edward VII, Billy Connolly, Rishi Sunak, and a famous Hollywood actor.

Number of Rooms
13 (8 in the castle and 5 in the west wing apartment)

Seen in (movies/tv)
Many of the scenes for the film The Queen, starring Helen Mirren, were recorded at Cluny Castle. It stood in as the venue for Balmoral in the film. Hugh’s Huge Homes on Channel 4.

Type of Architecture

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Perfect for
Weddings, Family Gatherings

Property type
Exclusive Use


About Cluny Castle

The majestic and secluded Cluny Castle is nestled among 200 acres of beautiful, landscaped parkland in the heart of the picturesque Aberdeenshire countryside. Originally built in the fourteenth century, this magnificent crenellated mansion offers a unique experience that extends beyond its beautiful grounds. It has had a long, rich history and remains a beloved family home, instilling a sense of warmth to guests. As you approach Cluny Castle, which sits at the end of a glorious tree-lined drive, you’ll be captivated by its fascinating heritage, spectacular architecture, and enchanting setting.

The Castle

Hidden at the end of an exquisite tree-lined driveway lies Cluny Castle, a place of classic elegance and total privacy. This beloved family home will make you and your guests feel right at home from the second you step through the doors. Enjoy full exclusivity of the castle and grounds, or if you choose to stay longer, indulge in luxurious overnight accommodations for up to 26 people. Unwind, revel and create memories with those closest to your heart.

Do you want a peaceful countryside escape? The West Wing Apartment located on the Cluny Castle’s western side is perfect for you. This private entrance offers beautiful interiors and a secluded setting. With 5 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 10 guests, spread out over 2 floors, it provides spacious, luxurious accommodation. But that’s not all; the castle also has 8 stunning double bedrooms on the first and second floors available for you and your guests!

Exclusive Use


Be amazed by Cluny Castle! Tucked away in a wooded estate, the drive up reveals a breathtaking panorama of the 14th-century castle surrounded by lush lawns. It’s an idyllic and romantic hideaway that your guests will never forget. As you enter through the grand entrance gates, this spectacular family home provides a charming setting to make your special day one to remember.


When you choose Cluny Castle for your party or celebration, this 14th century mansion with beautiful grounds will be yours exclusively for however long you wish. Here at Cluny, we provide complete privacy and freedom along with stunning interiors, extensive gardens and grounds, and luxury accommodation for up to 26 guests – the perfect place to gather and celebrate!


We always welcome film crews to Cluny Castle, offering a bespoke and tailored service that is flexible and tailored to your individual needs. With a wealth of diverse settings available, it's easy to see why Cluny Castle has been popular with filmmakers and photographers alike over the years. It has attracted some of the world's top directors and was used for the movie 'The Queen'.

Our Lodges


With over 2000 acres of lush glens, lochs, wilderness and beaches, guests can enjoy a wide array of activities right on the estate. From a raucous game of woodland laser tag to foraging and fishing, the possibilities of what you can do are almost endless. We’ll take care of all the minute details, coordination and planning for you — you just need to show up for the fun. And, if you want to head off the property for a day, the Portpatrick Dunskey Golf Club, pubs, and village are just a short walk from Dunskey. All activities must be booked at least 30 days prior to arrival.

Our history

the Gordons of Cluny

Cluny Castle was originally constructed as a Z-plan castle in 1604 to replace either a house or small peel tower. It has been owned by three separate branches of Gordon families over the centuries, and it was used to shelter Jacobite rebels in the mid-18th century.



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