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Castles on Television Shows

Discover the Perfect Filming Locations with Storied Collection

Looking for the ideal castle locations for your next TV show backdrop? Look no further than Storied Collection! Our historic exclusive use properties provide the perfect setting for your filming needs. Gain access to the entire estate, experience rich history first hand, and leave your audience (and crew!) with memories that will make your TV show truly unforgettable.

Why choose Storied Collection castles for TV show filming?

  1. Breathtaking Architecture: Capture the essence of your period drama or fantasy series with the iconic beauty of Storied Collection castles. From turrets to sweeping staircases, our castles offer unparalleled visual appeal.
  2. Expansive Grounds: Our estates range from 100 to 2500 acres, providing ample space for all your filming requirements. Whether you need a vast field for a battle scene or a romantic forest setting, Storied Collection has it all.
  3. Luxury Amenities: Experience modern-day comfort in our castles, complete with fully equipped kitchens, luxurious bedrooms, and plenty of room for your state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment. Your crew and cast will have everything they need for a seamless production.


Television shows featuring castles have gained in popularity with the rise of series like Bridgerton, Downton Abbey, Poldark, The Crown, the White Queen, Outlander, and more. For a truly unique and immersive filming location, Storied Collection is your go-to choice. Discover the magic of our castles and create an unforgettable experience for your viewers with stunning architecture, vast grounds, and luxurious amenities.

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