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1000 Years of History Tour

Travel through 1,000+ years of history on this Storied Collection Tour to three memorable destinations.

Tour Highlights

  • 3 nights in Rubens at the Palace, London
  • 2 night in Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa, Bath
  • 2 night in Thornbury Castle, Gloucestershire

Tour: 1000 Years of History Tour
Recommended: 7 nights
price: from US$1999

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Rubens at the Palace (London)

Recommended: 3 Nights
(from) $US 256.00

Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa (Bath)

Recommended: 2 Nights
(from) $US 333.00

Thornbury Castle (Gloucestershire)

Recommended: 2 Nights
(from) $US 241.00


Come and embark on a unique road trip that transports you through 1,000 years of history, whilst staying at three of the UK’s finest hotels along the way.
This trio of magnificent properties has a combined age of a thousand years, with each offering a fresh interpretation of history – and all within just a three hour drive.

Rubens at the Palace

Built in the 18th century, The Rubens at the Palace is a part of Royal history, with the site now occupied by the hotel previously being part of Buckingham Palace’s grounds, and filled with shops and accommodation for Palace staff.

Sitting in the heart of London overlooking the Royal Mews of Buckingham Palace, this five star, beautifully restored historic hotel offers a regal experience like no other.

More about Rubens at the PalaceThe first stop of your tour is Rubens At the Palace in London! Overlooking what is regarded by many as the most famous palace in the world – Buckingham Palace.

Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa

Built between 1767 and 1775, this iconic five-star Georgian hotel set in the historic centre of Bath, was designed by English architect John Wood the Younger, with the building itself more than 250 years old.

Both Grade 1 listed and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Royal Crescent is Bath’s most sought after address and today it remains one of the UK’s greatest examples of Georgian architecture.

More about Royal Crescent Hotel and SpaThe next stop on the 1,000 year road trip is a two and half hour drive west to the ancient Roman city of Bath, where you will find the next hotel that boasts more than 250 years of rich history.

Thornbury Castle

Built in 1511 as the home of The Third Duke of Buckingham, Edward Stafford, Thornbury Castle is the only luxury Tudor castle hotel in England today. Stafford, who was the country’s second richest man, behind only Henry VIII, wanted the castle to represent his wealth and status – something he certainly achieved.

Now fully restored, this luxury castle hotel provides the perfect escape, whether you are looking to enjoy fine dining in its two AA Rosette restaurants, engage in the castle’s country pursuits of falconry and archery, or simply unwind in one of its luxurious bedchambers.

More about Thornbury CastleJust a 50-minute drive north finds guests at the walls of Thornbury Castle, the final destination of the package, which contributes 511 years of storied history to the road trip.